Top Tips To Have A More Conscious Christmas

This time of the year can bring about joy, precious time with your loved ones and much needed rest. Traditionally, it also increases household waste with practices that aren't so kind to the earth. Check out our favourite ways to celebrate the festive season a little more sustainably -

〰️  Purchase gifts with meaning

We believe it's not just the thought that counts. Receiving a gift you don't particularly like or have a need for is a bit awkward and wasteful. If your gift recipient is someone you don't know well enough or just difficult to buy for, then try asking them directly or someone close to them. Surprises are overrated!


〰️  Support sustainable businesses

Make considered and conscious shopping decisions by purchasing gifts from ethical businesses and food from your local markets. Spend your money with brands who you know care about the impact on the planet, beyond the festive season.


〰️  Say no to disposable cutlery and dinnerware on Christmas day

We know the idea of washing up after lots of guests doesn't sound very fun. You just might be surprised how willing some are to give a helping hand and team work will make the task much easier! Thankfully, many states in Australia have already banned selling single use plastic, plates and bowls. If you choose to use disposable bamboo or paper plates, double check they are uncoated so that they can be recycled properly.   


〰️  Low waste gift wrapping and cards

Did you know that coated gift wrapping with metallic, foil or glitter detailing can't be recycled? The same goes for cellophane that will have to go in soft plastics REDrecycle at your local Coles or Woolies. Opt for paper and cardboard gift wrapping or even better, reusable fabric wrapping. Also, give a go at making your own Christmas cards. In our eyes, homemade cards = more love.


 Merry Christmas from TCS team! x

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