Other uses for Cotton Produce Bags

We love multi-purpose products and our organic cotton mesh produce bags are certainly multi-functional. Got extra bags? Or just want to give your bags a sense of purpose in between supermarket shops? Put them to use! We've listed out a bunch of our favourites, have you got any ideas to share? We'd love to hear them.

  1. Use them as shower loofas. You can pop a soap bar inside or you can simple just bunch it up and use it as a loofa.
  2. Similar concept as above but you can use it as a soap saver, by using the mesh bag, the soap will stay together longer (and won't break up into tiny annoying pieces). This means you get more out of your bar. You can use this for soap but also shampoo and conditioner bars!
  3. Keep your delicates protected in the wash by using them as lingerie laundry bags.
  4. Use them as storage bags for things like phone charger cables or pens. I've used one to hold together all of my wedding cards. I also use one for some of my toiletries.
  5. They double as packing cubes! Use them for holding together socks and undies when you go travelling.
  6. Keep cleaning cloths together under the sink in a produce bag.
  7. Carry your lunch or snacks to work or school in it
  8. Produce bags are super useful for drying herbs in! You can also use them to dry out left over mushrooms.
  9. This is a good one for parents - after bath time, pop the bath toys in and hang it up somewhere for them to properly dry out.
  10. They make for good padding so I've used them when shopping to pop between items, for example - to make sure my blueberry punnet won't damage my bananas. You can also use one as padding for a Glass Water Bottle when you pop it into a bag. We've also heard of them being used when moving house to protect plates / glasses!

What do you think, will you try any of these out? We'd love to hear what other uses you've found for your cotton produce bags.



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